Hi, I'm a Swiss cartoonist, figure drawing teacher and social media professional 🤓 Here are some links I'd like to share:


I post more or less daily drawings on instagram (@yallah @howareyouquestionmark). And I have a monthly cartoon in the magazine Hochparterre. You can buy my 2018 book, featuring 300 cartoons/drawings here. If you'd like to talk about illustration / design gigs, send (or shoot, if you must) me an email!

I started and co-host DrinknDrawBern, a monthly figure drawing event with live models and sometimes live music, and I teach a figure drawing class at Schule für Gestaltung


And finally, I run syndicom's social media channels (syndicom is a union for the media and communication industry).

I work mostly out of Progr, an artistic centre and cultural hub in Berne, Switzerland.




©Ueli Johner 2021 | hi@uelijohner.com