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Hi, I'm a Swiss cartoonist, figure drawing teacher, and social media specialist. 
I post drawings on @yallah and @howareyouquestionmark. 

I'm a co-host of DrinknDrawBern, a monthly figure drawing event with live models and sometimes live music.

And I teach a figure drawing class at Schule für Gestaltung

Wide open for commissions!
For any inquiries, email me.

Recent commissions, exhibitions, articles:
The Economist: War in Ukraine | WEF in Davos | Living Standards | Russia's Moonshot
Cover illustration for Philosophie Magazine (France)
Exhibition «gezeichnet»
Exhibition «50 Jahre Schule für Gestaltung Bern»
Festival «auawirleben» 

Radio interview on Drinkndrawbern (swiss german)
unicef: COP25 | Digital Volunteers

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